Panda Dome Review 2019 | BEST Antivirus 2019 Or NOT?

Panda Dome Review 2019

Panda Dome



  • Easy To Use
  • Pretty Interface
  • USB Vaccination
  • VPN Included
  • Great Support


  • Can be pricy
  • Slightly Higher False Positives

Panda Dome is a great antivirus software that comes from an amazing vendor who cares about what they provide and the quality of their definitions. Panda has a great reputation in the Antivirus industry and their products are vast with a great breadth of features. Panda Dome comes in three different versions, Essentials, Advanced, and Complete, each with additional features so you can pick the protection you need without paying for fluff you don’t need.

In this Panda Dome Review 2019, I will go over the many features that Panda Dome includes. as well as the great changes that Panda has made when they changed the name of their Antivirus product from Panda Antivirus to Panda Dome.


Recent tests by vendors have shown Panda detecting 100% of malware thrown at them, but this protection came at a little cost of higher false positives. False positives were easy to tune down and resolve, and I would always prefer to have better protection than worse. Panda’s new Dome protection provides many new features including Wi-Fi protection. This is consistent with Panda’s performance year over year and they typically always have consistent protection scores.

Wi-Fi protection keeps your network locked down, and doesn’t allow others to peek into your traffic or attack. This protection allows you to see all connections and make decisions on who does/doesn’t have access to your system. Panda Dome includes a Personal Firewall, which many antivirus software have removed from their suites.

The inclusion of a firewall allows the antivirus to work along side and block additional items/infiltrations. Panda Dome also includes a VPN which allows you to browse the internet with privacy and more security. Parental Controls are also included, as well as many other features for Privacy, protection from attackers, etc.

Not only does the Detection have great features like these, but Panda Dome gives quite a bit of flexibility by allowing you to choose which scans you’d like to run. The protection also constantly scans for threats and reacts instantly in the background for you if something is found.


The change to Panda Dome from Panda Antivirus was a great change, as the new Panda Dome Suites offer better protection, but also offer better features as well. The addition of features allows for better protections and a more rounded protection, and also allowed me to remove some of the other software I was paying monthly fees for (VPN Service).


Panda Dome includes a very powerful firewall which allows for customizations. Not only does it include a Firewall, which many virus software has decided is no longer needed or removed from their suites, Panda made it VERY easy to use. The firewall that is included includes a completely customizable setup, but also has default settings which take care of most users. If you need to get more granular, you can as well. The firewall also includes great logs so you can see what was attempting to come into your system and when.

Parental Controls

Keeping your family safe online is a big deal, and Panda includes Parental Controls to make your job at protection easier. The parent controls settings included in some of the Panda Dome Suites includes the ability to block websites and locations through categories (adult content, violence, etc) and also allows you to specifically enter sites in that provides better protection. The whitelisting and protection is very easy to use and you can see where you children are going that they should not be.


Panda Dome has been rebuilt from the ground up to make their newest product even more efficient and optimized. With the ability to also optimize your PC, Panda is the only Antivirus I have seen that has made my computer run faster with its optimizations. The newly redone interface looks great and does not cause a huge performance impact on your system.

Ease of Use:

Not only is Panda Dome easy to use once installed, it is also very easy to install as well. For installation you only need to select a quick install, and Panda Dome will install with a single click. After installed, Panda Dome antivirus is also very easy to use. Once installed, all features are accessible from the interface and are simple to use. The main screen shows you active status of each feature and helps you configure the settings. The design of the interface was easy to use and simple.


Panda support offers telephone support, which I have never waited more then 5 minutes for, live chat, and email. They also offer social media support. The response time for emails has typically been 1-2 hours when I was testing how quickly the support would respond to issues.

How much does Panda Dome cost? $45-$155

Panda Dome’s pricing is similar to other antivirus solutions out there, but they also have the ability to pay for your antivirus through a monthly subscription. The part about the monthly I liked the most was that it allows for 1 month free to try out the antivirus software. The trial gives you the ability to test the software before use. After you try it out you can also choose which protection you would like to use from the three options of Essential, Advanced, or Complete.


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22 Comments on “Panda Dome Review 2019 | BEST Antivirus 2019 Or NOT?”

  1. Thank you for this extremely informative post on another great antivirus software, which I now know can be trusted! I always seem to get confused about this tech savvy software because I have have absolutely no clue on what to look for when I am buying products like these. I know it is important for us to protect everything on our computers, yet I continue to put it off, which I will probably regret in the long run. Are there antivirus softwares that are only used for MAC? Sorry if that was a dumb question. I just fidgeted it would be because with phones as an example, you can’t download software or apps on an iPhone like you can on an android, and vice versa. Thank you for this information!

    1. Kaspersky’s Mac version is great too. If you go to their website, and read further on the details, you can select the mac version also!

      Hope that helps,


  2. Thanks for this review, Pana Dome looks like a really cool product in my opinion! I haven’t personally been affected by viruses or anything, but have heard of awful stories where peoples computers get wrecked from a hack. If there is a product out there to help make sure this doesn’t happen, then why not use it if it works and is in your price range! What is your favourite part about this product?

    1. My favorite part of Panda Dome is the feature set, and how lightweight it is on your computer. Can barely even know it’s there.



  3. Hi Don,

    I am SO glad I took the time to visit your website! I spend a good amount of time on my computer and phone, but I’m painfully aware I’m not the most savvy user. I do know that this puts me at great risk, which I want to minimize, so I continued to peruse other articles and reviews. My knowledge and understanding definitely need help, and your Panda Dome Review 2019, spells out, in simple understandable terms the ease of use, pros/cons, price, features, and personal opinion, providing me with useful information I can now act on. 

    Thanks for building a professional looking and helpful site. I will be following you to learn more!


    1. Thanks a lot Tamara,

      Your words mean so much! That’s definitely the plan and I want to help out with becoming more aware!


  4. Hi, Don.

    I’ve been looking around a little for good anti-virus software for a little while now.  Currently, I have AVG Free on my laptop and other devices.  I haven’t had any issues with it but it doesn’t hurt to look around and see what is available.

    This software sounds interesting.  I particularly like the firewall and ease of use aspects of this.  

    So I guess my question would be, other than the free first month, do they have a free version available?  Probably wouldn’t get all the benefits of a paid version.  Do you know what comes with Panda Dome Essential?  I have a tight budget and really can’t afford their top version.

    I’m interested in this product so I think I will check out some other reviews and see what they have to say.  Due diligence you know.

    Just as a side note, do you have any opinion on AVG?

    Thanks for the review.  Interested in your reply,


    1. AVG is pretty good, i’m actually writing a review on them now 🙂 Tune back in within the next couple days for it, their features aren’t as extensive, but still isn’t a bad product. Panda Free Antivirus is around as well. You can find it here: Panda Free Antivirus

      They don’t have as many features in the free product, but it still is something!


  5. Nice review! 

    I like Panda dome because it offers me things that I am looking for right now. An antivirus and a VPN service. And I think having the two of them under one roof makes it very easy to use and I do not need to check for compatibility, which is great!

    I like all the features also, especially the performance. The fact that it can optimize my PC is awesome. I have always been a Kaspersky user, but Panda dome has just given me something to think about.

    Thanks for this great discovery.

    1. Panda Dome is Wonderful. My next review is on Kaspersky and compared to Panda, I like both. Kaspersky has come a long way, it still does make a PC just a little slow, but their Antivirus Definitions are SPOT ON. They’re definitely a great AV. Panda offers a few extra features over Kaspersky, but all in all they are both great. You can see my Kaspersky Review here.

  6. Hello and thanks for a most informative review on Panda Dome. I have been looking for some reliable anti virus software for my husbands windows laptop for quite a while now and there are so many it is difficult to know which one to choose. Some of them are also complicated to use, but this one caught my eye because it is easy to use.

    I have an iMac and got told when I bought the computer two years ago never to install antivirus software on it, so I haven’t and so far so good. But one also sees a lot of antivirus products that are advertised for Mac’s, so I am starting to wonder if they are at all necessary?

    1. Antivirus on a Mac is useful for the features, but Antivirus per-say is unnecessary. The benefit if you used Panda Antvirus like your husband, is you would be able to use the Password Management, VPN, etc. Otherwise the Best Antivirus Software 2019 for a Mac is No Antivirus like you said 🙂

  7. I’ve been searching for the best antivirus that I can find and came across your Panda Dome Review. This is not the first positive review that I’ve come across for this product. After reading your Panda Dome Review, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. You gave such a thorough review that you convinced me to buy it. I’ll come back in a few days and let you know what I think about it.

    Thanks for a great review!


    1. Jack,

      Thanks for the kind words I hope you like Panda Dome. Let me know if you have any questions In future. Enjoy!


  8. Thanks for sharing this review. Panda Dome sounds like a good option which includes a lot of features. I like to see a working support system when it comes to products like this. Do you have a #1 recommendation for virus protection? Something better than Panda maybe?

    1. Thanks Ivan,

      Yes I really like Panda. If you’re looking for something else, I also have a review on Kaspersky, as well as Bitdefender. Both are good. I’d say Bitdefender is just as good as Panda.


  9. Wow based on your reviews I could definitely say that I am convinced to purchase just now. I think it is one of the best things out there when it comes to security and antivirus software.

    It is such great timing since mine just expired a while back. I have never used this though so I wouldn’t be ranking it.

    1. Panda’s good, and there are a lot of others to check out. I have a review on Kaspersky and Bitdefender as well, both are great products.


  10. Thanks for this interesting and useful review of Panda Dome Antivirus. Actually from your review I can see that it’s more than antivirus. It looks like almost all security tools, including firewall are included.

    I especially like the monthly payment option, with one month of free service.

    When my current antivirus expires, I might think about switchin to Panda.

  11. Great review Don,

    Super like the VPN included part, my country is getting pretty annoying with their cyber firewall and I’m in need of a safe VPN but the ones I’ve installed so far has viruses, what better way to install a VPN than the one that’s coming from an Antivirus software right? Thanks for the great insight!

    1. Thanks Riaz, Panda also has a VPN only product if you’re looking for that. I like the panda VPN and other features as well. Hope it helps your country firewall issue!


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